SLICER Patch for the Organelle

Sampler sequencer with random slicer Ala beat mangler,
Add your samples to the folder, numbered from 1 to 24.

-The sample velocities adapt to the BPM.
-Midi clock sync.
-Aux = Random Speed mode.
-Hold Aux = Resets the jam.


Absolutely brilliant! Wowza, amen break fevaaaa.

The more randomised, polyrhythmic opportunities arise for the organelle the more I think I need another organelle to accompany my first. So many amazing opportunities, just one box. This is a really impressive patch!

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Hey thanks, if i say this is my first pure data patch? …
I´ve just merged some ideas i´ve found in “The Internet” what a nice place for learning btw.

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It’s great, where did you look?
Any advice on preparing samples for this patch? Do they require a certain native tempo or duration? Getting some really cool sounds but struggling sometimes to make them rhythmic with other things syncing on the same master midi clock.

This is the inspiration patch, merged with one of the organelle sequencers (i don´t remember the name)

The samples should be mono, it takes the left channel for stereo loops,
i´ve tried with 4 bars 90-120 bpm loops and it works
I didn´t try with very long samples but it should work as well.
Have fun !


Somehow it doesnt work with the three original waves - it doesnt load!

i’m having the same issue

Please, add 24 samples numbered from 1 to 24.

do they all have to be mono?

try it, it should work with stereo samples

I have used both stereo and mono samples and so far it’s working fine. Great stuff!

I got it to work! This patch is awesome

Me too, thanks! Its really nice, although the sample speed varies at times - but this is the beauty of the instrument, isnt it?

Hi, i’ve just managed to record the wavs 1-24 with the “Sample Recorder” Patch directly into the Slicer-Folder… you can make a copy of “Sample Recorder” then edit the sampler-voice.pd file to what location you want to record the wavs. They are normally saved in a folder called “Sounds”, next to Patches Folder. Just search for the text called “Sounds” in the sampler-voice.pd of the Recorder Patch and change it to what ever you like. For me it was then “Patches/0_SLICER” instead of “Sounds”… Very useful for that pow-pow-poly-patch too! Only downside is that samples are 2 seconds (maybe changeable)… but there’s this new “Recorder” Patch i didn’t try, maybe that works for longer samples to write them somewhere else…

This is controllable with the aux button, the setting where the LED blinks white and red is stable.

Well, not exactly - I know you can speed the samples up a bit or they play twice as slow - but the bpm on my computer and sequencer is quite different from them one in the patch - it is actually not possible to set the samples in sync through midi (but maybe I am missing something)

If you make all your samples the same length as each other they will be stretched by the same proportions and should play in sync with one another. If you play with the parameters like minimum length etc. you can get them to play and repeat in more predictable ways which match the beat of the original sample. I’ve managed to get this one to play along nicely with other beats on my octatrack while the bpm is sync via midi.

That’s a good tip - thank you!