Sampler patch for use with external sequencer

Hi All-

I wonder if anyone else is using the Organelle the way that I most often do:

I have a multi-synth setup that’s powered by a combination of midi controllers and the Arturia BeatStep Pro. Basically I use the two melodic sequencers to trigger monosynths and the drum sequencer to play the Organelle, using banks I’ve made of my own samples, which I store in sample patches (mostly sampler style, I think?) with the internal sequencer removed (otherwise it gets triggered anytime I hit play on a BSP sequence.)

I’ve made some cool stuff with this, especially after starting to run my samples through a Moog MF drive for some analog distortion and filtering. Still, this way has some limitations that I’d love to overcome, if anyone’s into making/modifying patches. (At this point I’d even happily spend a bit of money to get someone to make me a patch that could take full advantage of what the organelle is capable of.) I can’t think I’m the only one using the Organelle as a bank for samples triggered by an external sequencer; this is a great way to do this without a laptop in the mix, and frankly, I just haven’t found the general layout of the Organelle (which I love) to be able to give enough visual feedback to be a good sequencer for drums beyond simple things.

So, here’s what I cannot figure out how to do with what modifications I (Pure Data luddite) can achieve.

  1. Gate length: I want to be able to control how much of a sample gets played by how long I hold down a key or pad, not just with a global decay setting on a knob. This would allow me to create complicated beats out of just a few samples which I trigger at different lengths. I can do this now by making banks out of different lengths of the same sample, but that’s annoying and time-consuming and not taking full advantage of what the BSP and Organelle should be able to do together, and what seems like a staple feature of samplers… would be cool if it were a togglable feature, so you could use global decay or turn on gate-based sample lengths.

  2. Velocity sensitivity: The BSP is velocity sensitive AND will transmit velocity as a value in its sequencers. I’ve seen a few references to velocity sensitivity on the forum, but can anyone actually give me examples of patches where notes are louder or softer based on how hard you play on an external MIDI controller? Is this a feature that would be easy to drop into one of the Organelle sample patches?

  3. volume for individual samples - this could obviously be addressed with velocity, but it’d be cool if you could set the loudest volume of each sample within the sampler and then apply velocity to that.

  4. more control of reverb: Would be great to be able to apply reverb to each sample individually, of course, but at this point I would be thrilled if I could just put a lo cut on the reverb applied to my drums so it’s not being applied to my bass drums the same way it is to claves and snares and such. Does that already exist in a reverb that I could put after my drums in orac? Sure would be handy.

I’m aware this is a bratty little wishlist around an instrument that is already an embarrassment of riches for the price, but if anyone knows a patch that’s kind of like this or is interested in designing a patch that’s basically tailored to be a sample bank for an external polyphonic midi sequencer, I’d be real interested to chat about it.

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Hi !
Any news for that ?

I’d also LOOOOOVE ability to adjust individual sample volumes (more so in an orac module at this point than an individual patch). And rev’b too! The other two things you’re asking for may already exist:

  1. Sampler24 module (in orac) might accomplish this, if I’m understanding you correctly.

  2. My QuNexus triggers notes louder or softer with the velocity setting on, so this definitely is a feature that can be made to work.

I too would love a patch that can do what @jshipp is requesting…Any ideas?

Samplenest is a wonder sampler. No velocity sensitivity though. Has an internal reverb and delay but no options for individual sends on these effects per sample.
Sampler Style 49 has 49 sample slots… velocity sensitivity but no gate length. You could change this by triggering the decay stage on note off instead of note on messages. I think.
I’d say try to build something in orac.

I’m still trying to get around to adapting sampler style REC for orac, maybe when I eventually do I’ll see if I can figure out stuff like this, but the reverb sends thing would only really be possible in a standalone patch.