Critter and Guitari Patches - FX13

There is an ‘FX13’ effects bank that is included in some of the latest C&G patches. Is there any chance this could be made into a patch all by itself for use with an external input?

it would be much appreciated. i know some of the effects exist on their own, but i think i especially like the distortion effects and would like to try them on guitar and my korg monologue.

I figure I just need an ‘r~ inR’ and an ‘r~ inL’ in the right place. but I’m just not sure quite where that place ought to be.

the clues are in the audioin/audioout submodules of fx13, you need to send to fx13-$1-in where $1 is the name of the module. also if you want to strip it out of the other patches, you’ll probably want to alter the UI.

C&G have behind the scenes been doing some great work on modularising there patches… I look forward to see where they are going with them :slight_smile:

anyway, if you dig into one of the C&G new patches its pretty straightforward, and nicely structured… and a bonus reward for persevering is you will be able to create all sorts of interesting new combs of C&G patches, once you understand the basics.

( p.s. i will say the fx13 is a little more complex that some of the other patches, because of the way it allows the subpatches to be turned on/off to saye cpu… but for the most part, patchers can ignore these complications)


Here is a FX-13 only patch which processes input. It is a single page patch, so it is actually pretty simple. Just includes the FX-13 module, and sends it the required audio and params.


thanks for the instruction! going into fx13-$1-in was actually what I was thinking of trying. you are right about them being nicely structured (as well as great at making sounds : ) - it makes me want to understand the basics.

thanks for that! I look forward to more of these modularized patches!

: )

this is very cool and a nice way forward. i downloaded it and will try to adapt the newer multi effects one i released in the same way. Does this one allow you to chain them together? I think a matrix mixer would be a great help for multi effects patches if not already answered

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now I want to try and figure out how to take the Rampi Bass FX, swap out the Rampi Bass Synth (not that it isn’t ace), swap in the pow-wow polybeats patch (with swappable samples) and then hook it up to the FX unit. I also want to try the FX-13 with the arpeggio synth.

that is unless @oweno perhaps has a little bit of spare time to prepare a polybeats-FX or an arpeggio-FX. would it be easy? perhaps lots of other people would like these too.

: )