Pimp the Multicoder with some FX?

Some while ago the marvelous member of this forum “T8R” did the patch “Multicoder” for me. It is a cromatic and polyphonic sampler with time stretching so you can record what sound you like to and play it all over the keyboard without any differences in lenght wich f.e the Tapey have.
So far so good, in fact wonderful!
Now I wonder if someone would have the lust to put some fx possibilities into it, for example inplant the “fx-13” patch like it have been used in the “BS FX PD” patch. Shouldn´t be to hard I guess.
Or just some other simple effect like reverb and delay that could be added to the sampled sound?
That would be so cool and I would be very thankful!

…or implant the effect section from “Groovy things”, there you can use three filter, delay and reverb at the same time. That would have been great!