Decompose pd library file?

I’ve been watching through some Pure Data tutorials today in the hopes of learning to write some basic patches for my 201, and one thing I’m trying to figure out is how to access whats inside the pd_linux or pd_darwin files.

I’m not sure of the correct terminology, but it seems like the pd files within a patch often call objects from these external libraries.

Am I being dumb and the contents of a pd_linux/pd_darwin library files are just the rest of the .pd files in the folder of a patch?

The .pd_linux and .pd_darwin files are binary objects and cannot be opened. In Pd these are referred to as externals since they are not part of the standard set of objects that comes with Pd.

In the case of the 201, most of these .pd_linux files are synthesizer voices that were written in Faust and compiled as Pd objects. They generally accept messages (e.g. notes and other parameters) and produce audio. The documentation on them is sparse, but usually you can glean info about the messages they receive from the patch.