Faust on Organelle?

Can we expect the support for Faust to be in the Organelle as well or is there already support for it?

I don’t know about directly editing faust code or interacting ‘live’ with faust on the Organelle, but a year or so ago I was experimenting with faust and IIRC was able to get a faust object to compile into a PureData “external” that was able to run on the Organelle.

I found my notes from back then and copied them here (I don’t know if it would still work like this but maybe it is a helpful starting point):

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This is really helpful. I just started exploring Faust to see if it would help me accomplish things with my Organelle, and I thought I would test out something like what you have documented as a first step. I enjoy PureData, but some of the ideas I have feel like they may need some optimization once they scale.

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