Development API for Windows?


I would like to start developing my own Modes.

Can I create a development environment on my Windows machine?

I won’t always have my ETC pedal with me. I guess that a Visual Studio Code editor with the pygame imported is a great start. Is it possible to import a ETC library/API somehow?

Does anybody have experience setting up a development environment in Windows?

Any tips would be of great help.


Yes it is possible.

I am sure I will forget something, because I did it two years ago and did not use it that much.

You have to install python-2.7.7

Then you have to install pygame on the python commandline (several dependencies will be asked for)

Then you have to get ETC_Mother and ETC_Sys from github:

Then you have create folders for the data on the USB drive and the you must enter the paths in the following files: (those path names are examples from my installation!):    GRABS_PATH = "D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\Grabs\\"    MODES_PATH = "D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\Modes\\"    SCENES_PATH = "D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\Scenes.csv"    file = open("D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\MIDI-Channel.txt", "r")            if event.key == pygame.K_PERIOD: etc.update_trig_button(0)    font = pygame.font.Font("D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\root\\ETC_Mother\\font.ttf", 150)    font = pygame.font.Font("D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\root\\ETC_Mother\\font.ttf", 32)    mode_str = " Memory Used:  "   + str(int(etc.memory_used) + 1) + "% "    font = pygame.font.Font("D:\\privat\\synths\\critter\\root\\ETC_Mother\\font.ttf", 24)

finally you have to start the whole thing from the commandline like:
C:\Python27\python.exe D:\privat\synths\critter\root\ETC_Mother\

There will be a lot of errors on the first tries, because there are features which are not present, so you have to comment them out. For testing you may use this ETC_Mother directory:
But be aware the files contain also some other changes (especially for control via keyboard).

I hope this helps.

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