Editing words, etc

Loving the ETC! I’m looking for info on how to edit/enter my own words on the Holzer Scroll/Flash Cards/Words Bounce modes.

Not sure if I overlooked it in the manual…

Is this something that will take a good amount of coding knowledge to do? I’d love to get deeper into that, but right now I’m just trying to figure out the easy step by step!


I got it to work for Spanish flash cards. My only knowledge of coding is HTML from like 1997. I just copied the code, found the “words” and changed them to what I wanted. Tried to do this on holzier but failed twice. I even successfully changed the font when messing around with Spanish flash cards. Looking forward to more people creating their own modes and making them available for download because Jesus Christ just INSTALLING python and pygame took me an entire day. If anyone has super SUPER dummy tips, please share…And assume I am dumber than you could ever possibly imagine. Even the beginner pygame tutorials expect you to know the basics. I don’t think my eyes have ever crossed this much


Haha, same here! Super dumdum on the coding tip. But I want sweeeeeeet sweeet words…

Love that there is a active forum though, maybe we can get some smart folks to drop that simple knowledge. :grimacing::grimacing:

You will need to connect to the ETC from your computer via a WIFI adapter. The adapter is not included. You need to buy one and plug it into the ETC. Once you setup WIFI on the ETC, you will connect your computer to your ETC … NOT the WIFI router in your location. Once you are connected, you point a browser at the IP address in the manual and you should be able to start altering the code for the modes.

I’m on the fence about picking up the ETC.I’m a game designer/musician that sees the potential, but I’m curious about the hardware limitations. I sent C&G a message and hopefully I’ll hear something back.

the wifi router isn’t necessary to mess around with modes. it makes it easier if you can code, but how i changed the font was within the folders of the usb drive. so even though i have the wifi adapter, i don’t think i can edit the font this way, since it is stored in a separate folder inside of the mode folder. i think what we are talking about is wanting want more codes to be shared by those who already know how to do it :slight_smile:

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Ahhh … good catch. The WIFI adapter just makes it WAY more convenient to edit and see your changes immediately. You could put a font pool on the USB drive, connect via WIFI and change your code to demo in realtime …

I think I would get really tired of coding, moving it to the removable drive and booting it to see if my code worked.

I’m really on the fence about grabbing one of the these. I have a bunch of ideas for MODES that are very different than the current crop.

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Please grab one and share! It’s a great unit and with more modes would only make it greater!

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I’d love to. I really want to grab one for coding and performance purposes. Hmmm …

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I used my $35 raspberry pi! It has python editor and tutorials in the raspbian os.