Dirtywave M8 Headless running on Organelle M

Hi everyone,

a couple days ago I got a Teensy 4.1 for running an M8 in Headless mode with m8c. I just tried running it on the Organelle as I saw people running it on Raspberry Pi’s, handheld gaming consoles emulators and so on. It works great! I just routed the audio through Pd so I could use Organelle’s speaker, audio outputs and also MIDI ! (HDMI output for video and audio is also posible). I connected a joystick for controlling it and used VNC in my phone to see the display as shown in the video below. You may hear a few audio glitches but I haven’t messed with Pd’s audiobuffer yet and I think using VNC adds too so HDMI would probably be better, but VNC + a phone makes it more portable so that’s really cool.

To try MIDI out I routed the MIDI from the M8 to Pd and sent it to the Make Noise 0-Coast and it also worked great. Btw I also got it running without using Pd at all and routing the audio through Jackd but Pd makes it easier to use the Organelle’s inputs and outputs.

Next I want to try to use the Organelle’s knobs and keys with the M8 and try if it is posible to use it’s audio input for sampling, I’ll update here any progress. Finally I made a run.sh script to run m8c from the Organelle’s menu and got it working but suddenly for some reason it isn’t working now so I have to check that to.


This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to try out the M8 but have been short on excess cash but can spare 30 bucks for the Teensy :slight_smile: When you get it more integrated with the organelle, it would be sweet if we could get a setup guide! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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That is cool! Is the M8 software open source? If so maybe it could it be ported to run directly on the Organelle (without requiring Teensy)?

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looking at the github, the m8 firmware for the teensy is provided only as binaries. so, i dont think its open source.

@sefu’s right, it’s not open source.

That´s awesome! I hope, that you write a tutorial. Thanks for your work!!!