ETC on the Organelle-M

Anyone know if there exist patches that are similar to what the ETC video synthesizer can do? :slight_smile:

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There is OTC. I did not compare all details, but OTC is basically ETC Organelle.

I can’t help much as I started using it a few days ago only, but you’ll find infos here:


Ive not ported OTC over to organelle-m yet, it’s on my todo list.

  • gentle appreciative encouragement to do that*

So happy to hear that!! I just got an organelle M and was really hoping to use OTC for some concert with my students and other stuff. Thanks in advance thetechnobear . I am new with the organelle, but from what I’ve seen, you are an amazing contributor to this community (can’t wait to try Orac by the way), thank you so much.


+1 for OTC for organelle M. I have so much appreciation for you contribution to the platform! Do you have a patreon?


Could the OTC for Organelle M be converted to/written as an Orac module?

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its kind of apples n’ oranges - the glib answer is no :wink:

OTC (ETC) is written in python and on the organelle-1 uses pretty much 100% cpu/ram… so starting pure data and running a complex patch (like orac) is just too much.

the organelle-m is slightly different…
its got 4 cores, which are all about the same power as an organelle-1/etc

so theoretically, you could run OTC alongside pure data/orac.
however, this leaves an issue of getting the audio from Orac(pure data) to be fed into OTC (python) - this could theoretically be done by switching Pure data and Python to use Jack rather than alsa.

so as is often the case, with technology the answer is … sure if you have the time, inclination and coding skills :slight_smile:

I’ve a few other projects I’m working on at the moment, so this has taken a bit of a ‘back seat’ at the moment. but I do have an interest in exploring the video side of the organelle, particularly the organelle-m (due to extra processing capabilities) …
though at this stage, I’ve still a few different ideas on the form that might take.

note: I do want to get OTC running on organelle-m… as its fairly straightforward, but it may be I explore a different video platform as well :wink:


Ohh okk, I understand, just thought it would be awesome to use Orac and OTC simultaneously.

Anyways, thanks for all the great job! I look forward for the OTC for Organelle M or what you come up with regarding video synthesis :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you so much for your contribution !

I just recently acquired an organelle m and I expected to be able to use the otc patch…until I realized that not :confused:
I would have liked to make video synthesis for a project coming soon and I have the possibility of buying a second hand ETC (second hand) but I still hesitate …
Do you know if we can use OTC on Organelle M in the coming weeks ?

Thanks a lot thetechnobear :smiley:

I legitimately bought the organelle m because I thought it could run the OTC patch, and the fact the ETC has been out of stock for a year and nowhere on the used market.

Please thetechnobear, you’d be an absolute lifesaver to my rig if you could get this up and running.


OTC on Organelle-M would be the best patch and the best news we could get. There are already many of us who have the Organelle-M, and it would be wonderful to be able to use it as an ETC or an EYESY.

Thanks in advance.

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yeah im waiting for the ETSY code to be released, then I can consider the direction of OTC on the OrganelleM - see it makes more sense for it to be aligned with ETSY given they share similar hardware platforms.


Hey @thetechnobear,

I’m a software developer and I just received my organelle M yesterday. Can you point me in the right direction to get this ported? Would love to use this on my new organelle

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For anyone looking you can just load the eyesy os onto an SD card and it works beautifully on organelle m


Wait what ? That sounds very interesting. Do you install it like a new OS? Could you give us a little more details on how to do that? I don’t even know where to get the Eyesy OS

The eyesy os download and instructions are in the eyesy user manual which can be found on the eyesy Kickstarter page


Thanks! I’ll look into it !

Tried this just now- put the EYESY os on a seperate microsd card, then popped that in. I was able to run eyesy for a little bit connected to a projector with HDMI. 5 of the Organelle M knobs worked in lieu of the Eyesy knobs, and the keyboard keys were already mapped to some of the functions.

Then Eyesy crashed and I can’t get anything other than a random RGB image when I connect to HDMI.

Absolutely incredible if it is feasible without crashes though. I would totally buy another Organelle M so I could use both for audio sometimes, and use one as an Eyesy other times.

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^^ Seems like my issue was just that I was running on battery power. I think my voltage was low, so Eyesy died for a split second. After popping in fresh batteries it is working like a charm so far.

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