ETC on the Organelle-M

Anyone know if there exist patches that are similar to what the ETC video synthesizer can do? :slight_smile:

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There is OTC. I did not compare all details, but OTC is basically ETC Organelle.

I can’t help much as I started using it a few days ago only, but you’ll find infos here:


Ive not ported OTC over to organelle-m yet, it’s on my todo list.

  • gentle appreciative encouragement to do that*

So happy to hear that!! I just got an organelle M and was really hoping to use OTC for some concert with my students and other stuff. Thanks in advance thetechnobear . I am new with the organelle, but from what I’ve seen, you are an amazing contributor to this community (can’t wait to try Orac by the way), thank you so much.


+1 for OTC for organelle M. I have so much appreciation for you contribution to the platform! Do you have a patreon?


Could the OTC for Organelle M be converted to/written as an Orac module?

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its kind of apples n’ oranges - the glib answer is no :wink:

OTC (ETC) is written in python and on the organelle-1 uses pretty much 100% cpu/ram… so starting pure data and running a complex patch (like orac) is just too much.

the organelle-m is slightly different…
its got 4 cores, which are all about the same power as an organelle-1/etc

so theoretically, you could run OTC alongside pure data/orac.
however, this leaves an issue of getting the audio from Orac(pure data) to be fed into OTC (python) - this could theoretically be done by switching Pure data and Python to use Jack rather than alsa.

so as is often the case, with technology the answer is … sure if you have the time, inclination and coding skills :slight_smile:

I’ve a few other projects I’m working on at the moment, so this has taken a bit of a ‘back seat’ at the moment. but I do have an interest in exploring the video side of the organelle, particularly the organelle-m (due to extra processing capabilities) …
though at this stage, I’ve still a few different ideas on the form that might take.

note: I do want to get OTC running on organelle-m… as its fairly straightforward, but it may be I explore a different video platform as well :wink:


Ohh okk, I understand, just thought it would be awesome to use Orac and OTC simultaneously.

Anyways, thanks for all the great job! I look forward for the OTC for Organelle M or what you come up with regarding video synthesis :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you so much for your contribution !

I just recently acquired an organelle m and I expected to be able to use the otc patch…until I realized that not :confused:
I would have liked to make video synthesis for a project coming soon and I have the possibility of buying a second hand ETC (second hand) but I still hesitate …
Do you know if we can use OTC on Organelle M in the coming weeks ?

Thanks a lot thetechnobear :smiley:

I legitimately bought the organelle m because I thought it could run the OTC patch, and the fact the ETC has been out of stock for a year and nowhere on the used market.

Please thetechnobear, you’d be an absolute lifesaver to my rig if you could get this up and running.