ETC on the Organelle-M

Anyone know if there exist patches that are similar to what the ETC video synthesizer can do? :slight_smile:

There is OTC. I did not compare all details, but OTC is basically ETC Organelle.

I can’t help much as I started using it a few days ago only, but you’ll find infos here:


Ive not ported OTC over to organelle-m yet, it’s on my todo list.

  • gentle appreciative encouragement to do that*

So happy to hear that!! I just got an organelle M and was really hoping to use OTC for some concert with my students and other stuff. Thanks in advance thetechnobear . I am new with the organelle, but from what I’ve seen, you are an amazing contributor to this community (can’t wait to try Orac by the way), thank you so much.