Distributor Rec - Stereo Version?

I’m just discovering the power of the Distributor Rec sampler. One of the things I’m really enjoying is sampling whole tracks to manipulate but all the sounds being squished to mono doesn’t sound good unfortunately.

Would it be possible for me (with an extremely poor knowledge in pd) to amend the patch so that it recorded samples in stereo (I think it might do already based on what I can tell?) & then played them back in stereo too?

If so, would anyone be able to guide me through the process or point me in the direction of some help please?


I don’t know much of that patch but I assume it loads and records audio in a table. recipe for stereo is to create another table (with another name…) and then [soundfiler] already can load a stereo into 2 separate tables (afaik there is no other way.). then you will need to duplicate and tweak the recording / reading mechanism to work in stereo too. Not very complicated but can be a bit tedious depending on the patch to convert.