Shree Simple Studio Series 2: MultiFx UNit:

Pitchshifter, Ring Modulation and Delay
They can be chained or they should work individually as well

If anyone has any basic effects suggestions let me know!


Sounds great, thanks dude! Will check it out ASAP.

Re suggestions -

-Dunno if you ever used an Sp404? I love the ‘Pitch’ effect on that. Has 3 knobs = wet/dry, feedback, pitch up/down. Works in realtime on samples or input. Tho from the sound of your description above, maybe this multifx patch is already pretty close :slight_smile:

  • again from Sp404. The vinyl sim. Very cool/sought after effect that roland nailed on that box. 3 knobs = lofi kind of compression, noise/crackles, pitch warble. Personally not too fussed about the crackles and never use them…
  • a bitcrusher that has params similar to D16 Decimort 2 plugin would be amazing. Love that plugin lately…
  • Spring + weird/lofi reverbs. Couldn’t track down your Fluid512 patch. From memory the description sounded really really useful and possibly what I’m looking for here, a bunch of different reverb IR’s etc.

And some killer stuff but not ‘basic’ -
Chase Bliss Tonal Recall delay
Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl

While we’re on fx… It’s probably a total mission to code on Organelle, but sequencable/parameter-lockable fx would be amazing! Like on Elektron Octatrack etc… With ability to save/load fx params and the automation pattern (or failing that, the ‘save as new’ option would probably be fine?).
Can’t think of any ‘fx box’ out there that does something like this? Probably super difficult/long to code tho and I should get my head back out the clouds :wink:

those are all available in LADSPA
The reverb with all the different IR files is called convolver~ not convolve I’ll look for it
Thanks for the suggestions sounds like someone is close to wanting a custom patch built :slight_smile:

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Yep been thinking about hitting you up for custom patch/patreon talks :wink: Will iron the patch out in my head then give you a shout for availability/pricing.

Thanks for the convolve63 link :slight_smile: