Do USB buses work with the Eyesy?

Sorry if this has already been asked before, but I’m currently working with the webcam mode that was posted on patchstorage a while ago. The mode works for me flawlessly, but I’m trying to edit it to make it more fitting for what I’m trying to use my eyesy for. Only issue is that the eyesy only has one USB port, meaning every time I make changes to the code I have to turn off the eyesy, unplug the webcam and replace it with the wifi dongle, restart it, and then save my changes. Obviously this is very tedious compared to developing normal modes (which is already a little tedious on it’s own). I was wondering if I could circumvent this using a USB bus?

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USB hubs are totally fine. I have a cheap old Belkin 2.0 hub that I plug in to use the wifi and Kano cam. You can refresh the modes by using the stop/start and save/reload buttons in the web editor as well.