Video Capture using the Eyesy USB port

So I was convinced that I could get the WebCam Mode on working…

I got it working with the KANO WebCam just had to make some edits to the patch.Kano Webcam

I like the look of this WebCam as it seems to fit in nicely with the Critter & Guitari aesthetic.

Anyway mosey over to the Patchstorage link to get the mode and details to add a new Kung Fu power to yer Eyesy.


whoa! definitely going to have to try this out. I’ve got a LogiTech webcam that I hope will plug-n-play

I tried with 3 other USB Webcams all were failures… even the Kano Webcam failed on the first try before making some explorations and edits to the

I think the rule of thumb is you’ll need something that is designed for the Raspberry Pi world specifically. Also it needs to support a low capture resolution (320x240).

Perhaps the Eyesy community or C&G themselves will gather up a list of all the models that are compatible… or point to some further means to get more webcams working.

I consider myself lucky to have found something that I could get to work… basically just sharing my findings on what actually did work.

I have a waaave_pool by Andrei Jay and it’s a raspberry pi. It handles quite a few webcams that aren’t pi-specific, so I don’t think it’s necessarily the eyesy’s brain at fault

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thanks for this @insektgod! really wanted to get this working, so I ordered this cam and will do your tweak to the code. will report back if it’s working for me!

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I ordered another Kano WebCam for a friend with an Eyesy. He’s getting kind of excited about this capture thing and the Beta/LUA/OFx stuff. I’m hoping we can get this camera running on the other firmware.