Video Capture using the Eyesy USB port

So I was convinced that I could get the WebCam Mode on working…

I got it working with the KANO WebCam just had to make some edits to the patch.Kano Webcam

I like the look of this WebCam as it seems to fit in nicely with the Critter & Guitari aesthetic.

Anyway mosey over to the Patchstorage link to get the mode and details to add a new Kung Fu power to yer Eyesy.


whoa! definitely going to have to try this out. I’ve got a LogiTech webcam that I hope will plug-n-play

I tried with 3 other USB Webcams all were failures… even the Kano Webcam failed on the first try before making some explorations and edits to the

I think the rule of thumb is you’ll need something that is designed for the Raspberry Pi world specifically. Also it needs to support a low capture resolution (320x240).

Perhaps the Eyesy community or C&G themselves will gather up a list of all the models that are compatible… or point to some further means to get more webcams working.

I consider myself lucky to have found something that I could get to work… basically just sharing my findings on what actually did work.

I have a waaave_pool by Andrei Jay and it’s a raspberry pi. It handles quite a few webcams that aren’t pi-specific, so I don’t think it’s necessarily the eyesy’s brain at fault

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thanks for this @insektgod! really wanted to get this working, so I ordered this cam and will do your tweak to the code. will report back if it’s working for me!

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I ordered another Kano WebCam for a friend with an Eyesy. He’s getting kind of excited about this capture thing and the Beta/LUA/OFx stuff. I’m hoping we can get this camera running on the other firmware.


I couldn’t get this to work after trying for a couple of hours last night. I tried the code changes on line 25. I figured out I was on 2.0 and updated the OS really hoping that would do the trick but no dice. I’m using 2.2 now and am on an actual Eyesy with the Kano WebCam. It’s driving me mad!

Do you know if this Kano webcam would work with the waaave_pool? Cause I like it’s look as well so if it could work with both I would buy one.

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I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! After the last firmware update the w_p and Artificial Life (another unit of Andrei’s that i have) are handling everything I’ve thrown at it from a Lumix g85 to a hdmi ->usb converter, a standard webcam via usb, and a roland v-8hd. the Pi just seems to recognize it all now.

Well thanks for that! Purchasing one right now and I’ll start working on that W_P build!

BTW, I was also wondering if there could be a port from Andrei Jay works straight to Eyesy modes. Using a webcam, that would be great innit?

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that would be awesome!

check out this fb group:

it’s worth asking there, too. …lots of smart folks in there

I have the Kano cam but even with the fixes above I have had no luck in getting it to work reliably. The best I’ve gotten is the camera is detected but all that is displayed is a blank rectangle bouncing around on the screen where the camera image should display. I’m still messing with it so I won’t detail it all here but I was wondering… has anyone tried OpenCV for this? If so, any gotchas to installing it on the Eyesy beyond the standard install of OpenCV for Raspberry Pi?