Encoder knob

Quick question: After enabling the encoder, what does the Organelle send to [r enc] when you twist the encoder. I like to use the encoder to select different options, but I’m failing miserably. My goal is simple: Turn encoder to right send +1: turn encoder to the left send -1. Thanks for the help!!! :slight_smile:

Figured it out by myself…:grinning:

Care to share?

Encoder sends 0 (left) or a 1 (right) for every incremental twist of the encoder. The tricky part was to make it scroll through a list.

As you see on screen-shot I count every time you move the encoder to the left or to the right. Then I subtract all the turns to left from all the turns to the right. As long you go to the right this is super easy, because with [% x] object it will start at 0 again as soon you reach x (in my case 10, as zero counts as well). Problem was that as soon you go to left and we reach negative numbers it doesn’t work anymore. The goal is to get x (in my case 10), but I would get -1. Therefore I used the following expression, which reads: If [number] is smaller than 0, than take number and add to 11, if number is bigger or equal to zero, than just pass on number.

Anyhow this number I now store in a [value] object. The encoder acts as a button as well and every push will send a 1 to [r encbut]. Thereby I can bang every value I wish to be selected by just using the [sel 1] object…


Thanks man!

Glad to share! I hope my explanation was understandable and useful…

I hadn’t seen anyone break the use of the encoder down before so enjoyed reading, maybe I’ll use the info one day. But if not me, others surely can too.

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BTW: I did implement it in the Aquarius patch…