Hi everybody ! I need some help ^^

I have looked for a module for ORAC that could help me to control the envelope of any synth and I didn’t find it ! Does it exist? Or anybody could share it? Or maybe we can think all together to create one?

Thanks ! ^^

I don’t think there is a module for this… it might be possible to construct something, but the problem is not all synths have the same envelope control, so in one synth there might be 4 parameters for ADSR, another synth might just have one parameter called note-length or something, and another might not have any envelope control at all. you could have a module that controls the params of others, but there would need to be some step to ‘target’ parameters of the other synth modules. could also do it with midi learn and control from external knob(s).

Id be interested to hear what you’d like to do exactly…
e.g. there might be different envelopers e.g. amp and filter…
and when you say control… how do you want to control it? midi? lfo/automation?

or this caused by a particular synth not having the amp envelope you would like?
(e.g. many just have decay amp env)

this is getting quite close to what I have in mind for the mod matrix in a future release.
where modulation source can be external or internal (modulator = lfo)

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I actually look for something that could impose thé Attack, Decay, sutain and relase of a synth like analogstyle. I imagined it as à VCA filter more than a module that controls specific parameters on the synth.

Thanks :slight_smile:

sorry, I still dont understand what you mean…

orac is modular at the synth/fx level rather than oscillator/env/filter/vca level - if thats what you asking
so, if you mean, can you just ‘replace’ the envelope type by a particular synth module, with another, then the simple answer is only by editing that module - so copy that synth module, edit it, add the env type you want.

if thats not what yo means, then back to basics:

what musical purpose/effect are you trying to achieve?
can you give an example and tell us what it would sound like?