ETC Audio Out


I’m a huge Critter & Guitari fan, the Organelle and Pocket Piano are some of my favorite instruments.

I’m looking into the ETC and wondering how most folks are getting their audio out. I would be using a projector, but wonder if there is a way other than the audio outs of the projector to get it to amps/speakers. This would be for using the audio input on the ETC as well. Would a y cable to split the output work? Any help is much appreciated!



A splitter is ideal, but I’d split it to the ETC and amplifier at the output of the sound source (e.g. organelle) rather than after going through a projector.

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I think a splitter is the only way, because the ETC has only a mono input, and you will want for sure use a stereo signal

Thanks for the replies! Don’t think this forum can do polls but I’d love to see if most folks are using the 1/4" input with a microphone, for whatever, an instrument direct in with split output, and/or the midi input. Any help is much appreciated!

Looks like I’ll have to get another sustain pedal for switching the ETC modes, which is genius. If you can’t tell already, I’m super excited to play the ETC!