Use with Guitar?

Hi there, is it possible to use this with my guitar? How would I go about setting that up?

Sure, the ETC works great with guitar. You can just plug a guitar right into the ETC 1/4" input, or use a splitter (to send it to both the ETC and an amp), or sending it from your amp if your amp has an output (like an effect loop). You can use the gain knob on the top right to adjust signal input level.

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@toms Here’s a video we made with the ETC responding to electric guitar:

I’ve tested ETC with my guitars in many combinations and every time things work straight away.

I’ve used my amps line out, efx loop send and even plugged my (acoustic) guitar direct to ETC.
The gain adjustment can handel many different setups!

Here’s a video clip from a test at home.

Guitar goes to my amp and efx loop send routes it to ETC

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