ETC new modes are not working (help!)


I just downloaded new modes and unzipped them.
And I put it in the USB driver.
and there’s only 60 modes(I think it’s defualt) when I turn on ETC … T_T
I really want to try Image Modes. 8_8
Anybody knows about it?


I think I saw on here that all modes are installed into the RAM on startup and there is obviously only a finite amount of RAM. Try archiving some of the modes you don’t want to look at.


yes, s those modes that load the images, load these all into RAM too… so those can quite quickly eat up resources.


@nigang - before worrying about RAM, have you double checked that the new modes are in the Modes folder on the ETC’s USB drive? If not, they will never be loaded…


Thanks for your help, everybody!
I changed my Usb driver and solved it.
Thank you!