ETC on the Organelle-M

Hi, thank you so much for your contribution !

I just recently acquired an organelle m and I expected to be able to use the otc patch…until I realized that not :confused:
I would have liked to make video synthesis for a project coming soon and I have the possibility of buying a second hand ETC (second hand) but I still hesitate …
Do you know if we can use OTC on Organelle M in the coming weeks ?

Thanks a lot thetechnobear :smiley:

I legitimately bought the organelle m because I thought it could run the OTC patch, and the fact the ETC has been out of stock for a year and nowhere on the used market.

Please thetechnobear, you’d be an absolute lifesaver to my rig if you could get this up and running.


OTC on Organelle-M would be the best patch and the best news we could get. There are already many of us who have the Organelle-M, and it would be wonderful to be able to use it as an ETC or an EYESY.

Thanks in advance.

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yeah im waiting for the ETSY code to be released, then I can consider the direction of OTC on the OrganelleM - see it makes more sense for it to be aligned with ETSY given they share similar hardware platforms.


Hey @thetechnobear,

I’m a software developer and I just received my organelle M yesterday. Can you point me in the right direction to get this ported? Would love to use this on my new organelle

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For anyone looking you can just load the eyesy os onto an SD card and it works beautifully on organelle m


Wait what ? That sounds very interesting. Do you install it like a new OS? Could you give us a little more details on how to do that? I don’t even know where to get the Eyesy OS

The eyesy os download and instructions are in the eyesy user manual which can be found on the eyesy Kickstarter page


Thanks! I’ll look into it !

Tried this just now- put the EYESY os on a seperate microsd card, then popped that in. I was able to run eyesy for a little bit connected to a projector with HDMI. 5 of the Organelle M knobs worked in lieu of the Eyesy knobs, and the keyboard keys were already mapped to some of the functions.

Then Eyesy crashed and I can’t get anything other than a random RGB image when I connect to HDMI.

Absolutely incredible if it is feasible without crashes though. I would totally buy another Organelle M so I could use both for audio sometimes, and use one as an Eyesy other times.

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^^ Seems like my issue was just that I was running on battery power. I think my voltage was low, so Eyesy died for a split second. After popping in fresh batteries it is working like a charm so far.

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I got mine’s working thanks to guyamn82’s suggestion to download and burn Eyesy’s OS 2 image onto an 8GB microSD. I don’t have a spare microSD so I just used the one in my Organelle-M and it worked flawlessly.

I just had to make sure that the HDMI cable that’s connected to my projector was hooked up to the Organelle-M and the projector itself was already turned on before I turn on the power switch of the Organelle-M. Once it boots up, you’ll see the word EYESY on your screen and you’re good to go.

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I guess that wont work with an ‘old’ organelle because of processing power?
Edit: Just tried by myself. Does not work :frowning:

That’s pretty amazing. I wonder if it’s possible to burn it on a USB drive and choose to boot either the Organelle M OS from the SD card or the EYESY OS from the USB stick. This way the M would be the ultimate performance companion.

I’m not sure if that’ll work. What you can do is to get another 8GB microSD card for Eyesy so you can just switch microSD’s depending on what you plan to use between Eyesy and Organelle.

Hope this helps!

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Just tried the Eyesy OS on my Organelle M with a different Sd and it works great! Could be possible to use a Micro Sd to USB adapter to load the Eyesy Os on the Organelle M or could there be any other way rather than switching the Sd cards every time?

Ps. This is the Eyesy on Organelle M key mapping I found:

Aux: On screen display
C: Next Scene
C#: Next Mode
D: New Scene
D#: Previous Mode
E: Screenshot
F: Previous Scene
F#: Trigger
G: Persist On/Off
G#: Shift

Anyone else found something different? Could this be modified?


Also to access the wifi storage files you hold shift whilst it’s booting up then connect to EYESY . Then connect to the 192 etc. port of your organelle and away you go.

From what I’ve played with all modes worked from the EYESY-v2.0.img file,
but I have found some modes from here ( that give me some errors.

They all have the same end error
Type Error: color_picker() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given).

From the ETC modes all the modes that weren’t included in the EYESY-v2.0.img seem to be the culprits. Was there a reason why that was? It seems easy enough to edit the python file but I don’t really understand what’s happening.

Still not too sure how to add images properly or if it’s possible to add images without a background (like a vector but not).

But so far this has been so much fun to use.

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I might take a look at fixing the Python error. It’s probably an easy fix

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The best way is to switch the SD card everytime. Any software fix with loading both onto one SD would be very hacky

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