Imposter eysey

As someone with a subpar understanding of how compewter”s work, what I stopping someone from creating a watered down version of eyesy on the organelle m?

This thread shows it is possible for the original organelle to function as an ETC:

nothing really… as @Syntheist mentione it can be done in a similar way to the way I did ETC for the Organelle.

its just a matter of time and knowing the correct incantations :wink:

its probably slightly easier than ETC onto the Organalle actually, since both eyesy and organelle-m are using latest versions of raspbian.
note: its unlikely Eyesy could be put onto the Organelle-1 , esp the OpenFrameworks stuff.

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That’s awesome. Thanks for your contribution. I have the M so I’m going to pick up an 8 gb as card to run it. I’m glad I asked because I was just going to order one. Saved me 500 bucks