GEM on Organelle

How far have people got with video synthesis on the Organelle?
Gonna have a go I think. I’ve been playing with Max Jitter video a lot recently and it’s super fun -
would be cool if we could get some video output from the organelle… synced to the patch the organelle is currently playing - wooooooah. Haha. Guessing video will be very taxing on CPU.
Pipe dream maybe. Can’t afford an ETC still so lets see if it can be done!

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Nope :wink:

If we broaden the topic slightly though… Ive wondered about running the ETC software on the Organelle.
Like the Organelle software, its open source, so could be adapted e.g. to make use of the slightly different form factor.

It raises one question… what difference are there in the hardware? I assume its the same microSOM so CPU/GPU etc.

that said, I do respect , we dont want to do anything that cannibalises ETC sales, but like you, I cant really justify an ETC right now.

i have a raspberry pi with a pisound for GEM/pidip/pdp/#gridflow


I could not resist the challenge…

my Organelle is also now an ETC , so thats saves me $500 :slight_smile:


now you have an EORGANELLETC

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Omg :open_mouth:

Hah! @thetechnobear now a case of either a Red or Blue pill :wink:

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Wow, like you I can’t afford ETC now but sadly lack the know how (or any know how more like) to do this. IF (big IF I know) this was ever shared with the community would it be a simple case of swapping microSD cards in and out to swap between the Red box and Blue box OSs? I am assuming that the capabilities of the ETC firmware running on the Organelle are more limited due to CPU limitations, would that be correct?

let me discuss this with C&G first, as it could be (understandably) sensitive, as I mentioned at the outset.

with hindsight, I probably should have approached C&G before I announced I had it working (sorry c&g).
however, as an inquisitive developer, I was just so excited seeing it working, I wanted to let others know, its always fun to see something in a new light and a testament to Organelle’s flexibility and how great C&G are for open sourcing their products so we can bend and twist things to our desires.

anyway, I’ll create a new dedicated topic to it, perhaps with a short demo, once Ive a better idea if/where/when this might go.

for now, this thread can go back to GEM, sorry for the derailment…


Sounds like a good plan :slight_smile:
Speaking of GEM - are the libraries out there even compiled in a way that is compatible with Organelle? There are many linux versions of course - which does Organelle run on?

Tried installing GEM on OSX here and that didnt work. Even the one I got from Deken plug in doesnt work. When I tried to figure out why I found out that many as that problem. Its one of theose things people keeps to themselves, it seems.

GEM on Linux is not really compiled for “public use” because of a lot of dependencies etc. One has to do it oneself. But from what I just read in this link it might now be too hard.

I suspect thats a big harsh… often, its one thing for someone to hack something to get it to work on their setup, but you might be surprised how much effort it takes to package something up, or document it, such that it can be used by others on a ‘clean machine’, and then how many questions you’ll get , because ‘you didnt make it clear enough’.

yeah, this will likely require you to install a number of things via pacman
(I think I had to install aclocal/autoconfig when I compiled puredata 0.48, and id expect you will need some other libs)
if you do this be very careful its quite easy, to upgrade packages on the Organelle, such that you will break pure data or other existing software, then the only way back is to reinstall the Organelle OS onto the SD card.
( I know, as this happened to me recently when trying to install GDB :wink: )

Im not saying don’t try… or that this will happen just be careful.
also it may not work at all, the reason is… arch linux (which Organelle uses) is a ‘rolling release’ this means they only support the latest version of software, so you can get into a position where you need to upgrade ‘everything’, and we know that doing so will mean the Organelle will no longer start up. (see my posts on upgrading Organelles kernel)

anyway that said… my development organelle, probably has most things needed on it already to compile GEM, so if/when I have time I could give it a go , if someone doesnt get there first… the only thing I’m not sure about is if my build will work for others, as it will be built against pure data 0.48. (probably will)
(hmm, I could also try to pull GEM arm build down via deken on Organelle, as I have 0.48)

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Gem looks fun, but atm it is not that important here so I dont think Ill venture into that yet. Got many other things to work at the moment so Ill manage.

Eventually… :slight_smile:

Hmmm… ok yes let’s park GEM then! Definitely not something I could bring to fruition. One day!

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yeah, same here… I don’t even have an HMDI monitor in my studio.
though Ive been tempted for a while to order a small projector, but been procrastinating, its a bit of a minefield - what resolution? short or long throw? brightness?
could be fun to create a mood in the studio, and also to use outside at night in the summer.


Sure sounds great. Wuuld be nice to be able to make some video stuff along with the music, to make a “full experience” :slight_smile: .

Meanwhile I have been playing around with making some visual stuff in PD simply using canvases and move around their position and some colors. This is just the start of it, I have big plans for this :slight_smile: One of them is using the circular movement to trigger effects and all kinds of modulation. But havent really done anything on it for a while. But it is a start of a basic particle system. The video shoe just the first point in the particle system. Then I am going to make a lot of smaller objects moving around that first point… And then do the same for all those and repeat and repeat until something killer comes out of it :slight_smile:


I love organelle but i think running VERY FAST Desktops is the way to go with GEM. But really if you want the MOST effects and incredible features i suggest you build and install

PDP and then PIDIP



I use a bunch of Max for Live devices currently for visuals during shows using a VGA projector with an adapter connected to my laptop. Anyone had success hooking organelle to a VGA adapter? I can’t remember if I did. I know I tried it.
If you know anyone who works at a university… They will usually have tons of the things rotting away in storage. They aren’t often missed…
I sometimes feed my sound output into Live to get some visual feedback from my laptop screen on the jams im doing at home - it’s definitely super fun. An audio responsive room-filling light project for Arduino/Teensy or something would be real cool too I imagine. I’d like to make something like that.

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Yes I tried a cheap VGA adapter with Organelle and it didnt work. It works for my Pi3, though

my experience so far, is Organelle is a bit sensitive to resolutions and refresh rates, so although they can be changed in uenv.txt, something (which ive not tracked down yet) is then ignore/confusing this when you enter graphics mode. (e.g. starting x so you can use pure data patches)

so generally, id ‘give it a go’ (by editing uenv.txt) if you have something, but Id not recommend buying anything… that you cant return :wink:

@shreeswifty what do you think of GEM? … and what does PDP PIPDIP give you?
(I’ve no experience in this area)

what alternatives are there?
ETC uses Python/Pygame, and whilst I’m not a fan of Python, for small graphics stuff, I could endure it :wink: … seems scalable too.

I don’t think I need a GUI patching language, I suspect text languages are a bit more concise for mathematical constructs need in graphics.
quite like the idea of ETC, as its got a web browser editor, so quick to change the code and see how it reacts.

I’m thinking with limited CPU/GPU expectations have to be limited - so 2d, or limited wireframe 3d perhaps?

note: the organelle has Vivante GC880 GPU a which supports OpenGL ES1.1/2.0.
(my dev organelle has a gc2000… so quite a bit more power, but id like to keep it ‘vanilla’)

yeah, this is what I kind of imagine…
a feed running from my mixer into X projecting something onto a (white) wall .
I could do on a laptop, then id have to ‘set it up each time’ ,so less likely to just turn it on when jamming - also Id like it more part of the general lighting/atmosphere (hence projector)
I guess… I’m kind of lazy, something that is just turn on and go, is likely to be used daily, rather than just for videos etc.
(this is why dedicated hardware like ETC is very appealing)

this is interesting, its a different use-case… it would be nice to record visuals for you tube videos…
this could point to a ‘cross platform’ solution, so that for visuals I could run X on a desktop and record it directly (in software without a capture card) .
(I suspect recording ETC videos on the ETC whilst technically possible (ffmpeg capture), wont be possible with the cpu/gpu available.)

Video is a really interesting area, but a can of worms :wink: