ETC playing songs through filters?

I’m thinking about picking up an ETC for my own personal entertainment. I seen other people suggesting to use only one track for the signal, like hi hat or bass, to keep it from being too frantic. If I’m playing a cd or vinyl I don’t really have that option but I was thinking of using my KP3 in between the audio source and the ETC to apply different filters (LPF, BPF, HPF) to make the ETC less chaotic. Anyone else try something like this or have any other suggestions?

When playing out and using one source for audio, I do exactly that and put my KP3 in between the sound board and the VideoScope/ETC, with a Low Pass filter to make simplify waveforms-

If you are not using waveform visualizers- more rhythm-detecting style patches, then a filter isn’t very necessary.

Just plug them together and see what works for you~