ETC Questions from a software tinkerer


I’m a software/broadcast engineer and really like the look of this little box, looks like a lot of fun and I’ve already got ideas rushing through my head thinking how we could use this.
I just have a few questions regarding some of the features:

  • Is the HDMI output limited to 720p60 for hardware or software reasons? If the HDMI output is capable is there a boot config you can tweak to set to something like 1080p25? I’m based in the UK and most systems I work with are either 1080p25 or 1080i50 - if I can work around having to use a scaler then that’s awesome!

  • It seems to be running Linux, is it possible to SSH and are we allowed to tinker? I’d love to expand parts of this to integrate into the rest of my kit

  • This looks really cool


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HDMI output is limited to 720p60 for software reasons. The hardware is capable of outputting other resolutions, like 1080, but everything is written for 720 for speed reasons. The device runs Arch Linux (similar to Organelle). SSH is disabled by default, the only way to enable it is by plugging in a USB keyboard and dropping into command line…

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Very interesting, thanks!

8bit 1280x720 @ 60 = ~105MB/s
8bit 1920x1080 @ 25 = ~99MB/s

From Wikipedia Uncompressed video page

In terms of bandwidth python should be capable of outputting at this rate to the HDMI if 720p60/59.97 is possible.

So once we’re in Arch Linux there’s no limitations license-wise from you for devs to tweak code that isn’t a standard Mode? I.e. changes to the ETC api, timers, etc. to achieve the new resolution?

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