ETC + SPDsx, knob control with the pads. CC vs Note Value


I am trying to control the knobs (CC #21, 22, 23, 24) of the ETC pedal with the pads of the SPDsx.
Seems like the pads can only send note values. The only solution I found is to use the midi solutions event processor to convert midi notes to CC.

Is there any other work arounds (without using a computer) ?



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what precisely do you have in mind? using velocity to set the value?

the current version of ETC won’t allow you to use notes instead…
but a mode can be programmed to respond to notes, by using etc.new_midi and etc.midi_notes[NN], where NN is the note number. though unfortunately, you only can tell if a note is on or off, rather than the velocity (which is shame/oversight imho)

so to do this, you would modify the mode, and look thru the midi_notes array when ever new_midi = true… you’ll also need to track previous note states, if you want to do something from the transition of on/off…

I be interested to hear what you have in mind though…
obviously the ETC is a small computer, so theoretically the OS could be changed to support new features (in a similar way to the way organelle has been updated)


What you suggested is a good idea, i will try that for now. Too bad about the velocity, that was my initial plan.

The only solution I had found was to use the midisolution ‘‘event processor’’ that would convert the SPD note values to CC, and actually enable me to program cross fades and other stuff which could be nice with the visuals.

I play drums and keyboard at the same time and so thats why i need the pads to control the visuals because I dont have enough hands to turn the knobs. And so i could either make the pads jump to X value of a parameter, ex: pad #1 making it fade to blue, #2 to red, etc, or having the velocity decide the value.

My end goal is to have more personalized visuals and having it interact more with the music, because right now it is only reacting to the volume of one of the synths.

Thanks !

Nice videos man :slight_smile: