How to map ETC in Ableton

hey guys.

i’m new in ableton and midi controllers and need some help to make things works :slight_smile:
i’m with a padkontrol, a midi cable, an usb cable, a macbook pro runing ableton live 10 and my etc.

how do i need to plug and configure this things? does anyone have a tutorial to help me?

The manuals for these devices should have instructions for what you want to do.
Ableton has an instruction manual too, should help.

Do you have a midi to usb cable? That’s one thing I don’t see in your post that you will actually need.

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With a quick research you could find informations and tips on the forum.
Basically organelle and Mac are both computers so both USB hosts. So you’ll need an USB /MIDI adaptator like @Wannop said : you could find references on the forum too.

Th ETC has a midi port rather than usb though. That is unless you are running OTC on an organelle.

Oops sorry i’ve misread first post.
So what do you want to do @ralphmayer with ETC and Ableton ? Sending pgm changes or cc ?

@ralphmayer: Since the PadKontrol is a USB-MIDI converter, you can use it in between Ableton and the ETC.
The chain would look like this:
Computer — USB Cable — PadKontrol — MIDI Cable (from PadKontrol MIDI Out) — ETC MIDI In.

You will have to tell Ableton to send MIDI to the PadKontrol. And you may have to change some settings on the PK to ensure MIDI info from Ableton is sent out to the ETC. Page 28 of this manual seemed helpful:

Once you have that set up you can send MIDI notes to the ETC to control ‘trigger’ modes. If you want to control the knobs of the ETC from Ableton you will need to review the info here:’s_MIDI_Configuration

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thank u for the help, guys.
so, i have two options with padkontrol;

  1. use to send midi notes on the etc to control trigger modes.
  2. control the knobs of the etc.

what i need the most is to control the knobs and map my saved scenes.
what is the easiest way to do this? is the padkontrol support this?

@chrisk do you think this chain still work in this occasion?

Yes. I believe you have all the information you need from me.

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