Trouble loading web console

I’m having trouble connecting the the web address/console used to edit ETC modes on the device via wifi. I have successfully configured and connected to my ETC via a USB WiFi dongle I purchased via the C&G site. When I try to load the web console ( via Chrome and Safari, I get a message that says the site can’t be reached.

Just to verify that I was able to interface with my ETC, I loaded up the file manager mode and it works OK.

Do I have the wrong address for the web console? Any other idea what I might be doing wrong?

Just to be sure, you have a file in the top level of your USB drive, right? More here: ETC Manual

Hi guys,

I’m getting the same problem. I achieved to connect the usb wifi adapter to my computer but can’t load the web console neither safari, chrome and firefox.

I would appreciate some advice to resolve this problem.


Are you able to work with Linux command line?

if yes, then check

user @oweno described a simple mode, which enables the SSH-daemon. Using that you will be able to access the ETC on the commandline, which makes all analysis much easier.

Please check that the USB-WiFI adapter is plugged into one of your ETC’s USB ports and that you have the correct WiFi credentials in the file.