Example patch for using aux to paginate knob settings?

How can I control more than one page of knob settings? I’m trying to understand this example. Are there any others that I can reference? Starting to wonder if I should just use midi and CC from my Beatstep.

To my knowledge, you can only CC the currently displayed page of variables via midi anyway. The patch Juno 104 on patch storage uses a lot of different pages changed using the aux button, could be worth having a look at that as an example maybe. Sorry I can’t help more, good luck.

oh wow, cc isn’t global? i’ll check out the juno patch, thanks!

Did a search and it seems I was wrong about midi cc’s. Couple posts suggested that you can assign cc numbers to variables in PD patches for organelle beyond just the cc’s of the 4 knobs. Cool stuff, might have to have a go at writing them into some patches myself. Wonder if a device (e.g. octatrack or midi controller) with midi cc learn capabilities responds to the changes in the pd patch rather than just knob movements when it ‘learns’ a CC.

You can take a look how I do multiple pages with AUX in my Monome Sequencer patch. Link to the post is here

Hey sharktongue, I only saw this now.

I actually created an organelle pagination helper file. It does 2 things, it updates that you see on the screen and also splits out the knobs controls based on what ‘page’ you are on.

You can download this and change the text to say what you need, and can [receive] the knobSelect inputs to do things. You can alter this to have whatever you want to send [send] to whatever knobSelect you wanted, so you can control whatever you like outside of the current page you are on.