Organelle, the Aux Button, Sequencer and MIDI Start Stop

I am working on using Ableton Live to change / set patches on the Organelle during a set. One thing I noticed is that if set values on an organelle patch and save it, it will not save the setting on the aux button. For instance, if you set values on a Basic Poly patch, you cannot save the aux button setting into the patch for the selected wave form. Would I need to have ableton send the patch change to that patch and then send like 3-4 aux button messages so it changes wave form for me? Is there anyway to encode the aux button setting in the patch itself?

I have the same issue with patches that have a sequencer, when ableton sends the start message, it auto starts the sequencer. I would love to be able to change to that patch without the sequencer playing.

first thing to be aware of is patches are not 100% consistent, they were made by different people, at different times - similarly functionality will vary.
this is particularly true of “presets” as there is no ‘common’ way of handing these

of course, as they are written in Pure Data, you can of course change the functionality, so for example storing the selected waveform, and recalling it, or deciding how to handle start/stop of an internal sequencer.

interesting questions though,
as makes me wonder about Orac, and what I should be doing there…

all state is stored as presets, so that solves your waveform issue,
but currently the only way to select a preset remotely is via OSC - easy enough to do with Max4Live.
but I could quite easily implement switching presets via midi pgm change or bank messages.

sequencers, thats one I have looked at…
really these should all respect an external midi clock (or ableton link) and its run status, but its quite a bit of work to change some of the sequencers…

Would my one idea work: Ableton send the patch change and then use automation to send a CC message for the aux button at the beginning of the MIDI clip, thus it would change the patch and turn off the sequencer?

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I am reviving this subject a bit, because it is quite complicated to use the organelle with abelton live. Maybe, in one year, there is a new, simpler solution ^^

… like an option that activates / deactivates “start and stop” from the midi menu?

(I propose because I opened pure data, and I floated in an ocean without water :))

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