Excitement in the air

I’ve been a bit quiet for a while, but no worries, something is brewing :coffee:

I’m just about to get on my flight home, after a super exciting and inspiring time at Superbooth, my head is buzzing with ideas.

However, just it’s not just a (coffee fueled) buzz…

next Monday around lunchtime (CET) , I’m going to be releasing my most ambitious project for the Organelle yet - which I hope everyone will find useful and inspiring.

Of course it will be open and it will be free for all.

So pencil in next Monday , it’ll be worth the buzz and excitement :slight_smile:



Looking forward to this!

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Oh man, what a tease :slight_smile:

c’mon give us some hints


Drum roll !!! :drum: edit: week long druuuum rooooll
give it more BASS and more cowbell!!

Have a safe flight :wink:

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I’m intrigued by this, def keen to see what this will be!

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nice! :ok_hand: but some hints would be great :wink:

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Can’t wait to learn more!

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“anyway, thats not for the next release, the next release is a pretty fundamental shift to patch development, so Id like to get that in place first (and its nearly finished ;)) , then we can turn to how to make the UI more flexible, to cover more patching needs.”

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Sorry, only hint is , check back next Monday :slight_smile:

there’s a good reason, not really teasing, just wanted to share a bit of expectation / excitement I’m feeling - like the week before Christmas etc.


i can feeeel it cooooming
in the air …
um, next week
oh looord


organelle whoopee cushion emulation! (the hints are clearly there)

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You are making this whole experiment infinitely more worthwhile. Thank you!

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is it another wepa patch??? only with with the voice of morgan freeman??? i can only hope…


Time has flown by, progress has been rapid, and we are nearly there…

fortunately, tomorrow is “International bring your Organelle to work day”.

whilst you are waiting to get you in the mood, some awesome synth action, loopops stuff is great…
Id recommend subscribing :wink:

till tomorrow, 1pm CET …


It’s like Christmas Eve!! And thanks for sharing the vid, great tune.

This sounds big! Need to get my Organelle updated and back up to speed in prep…

You have 3 hours , spend them wisely :slight_smile:



10 minutes to go… before I hit the upload button.

A tease whilst you are waiting… there actually was an enormous hint of things to come in my last release.
a kind of ‘easter egg’ , but I don’t think anyone spotted it :wink:


You sure delivered!