External Audio Interface Setup (Digitakt)

Hey everyone, FYI I have an Organelle M

The Digitakt has been recently updated and is now a class compliant audio interface. That means that I could route the stereo output of the Digitakt via usb. My question is : how can I set up the Organelle to recognize my Digitakt as an audio interface? From what I’ve read in this forum there are some changes to make in the root files. I’m not too familiar with the process and I guess I was looking for a simpler way, kind of like selecting channels in the Midi settings page of the Organelle M.
My ideal setup would be to use Organelle’s Stereo input in conjunction with the USB so that I can have 4 inputs into the Organelle. The ultimate wish would be to be able to process 2 inputs into Chain A of Orac and the Other 2 in Chain B.

Anyway as a starting point, I’d love for C&G to allow quick switching from built-in audio to USB audio directly from the built-in screen and eventually I’d love to be able to process more than 2 tracks from USB.

Thanks for the help :grinning:

you don’t have to change any ‘root files’, its simply a matter of placing a file either in a particular patch directory or into a directory which affects all patches.
removal of that file, will then revert back to built-in sound card. (so no damage done)

so the above, shows how to use an alternative sound card.

whilst theoretically possible to have 2 sound cards working, I’ve never got this to work properly - I always get audio glitches. I think there is some issue with audio clock sync. It may be that this is solve-able (as its a known issue) , but id not figured it out.

i admit, it never really was much of an issue for me, since the external audio interface i used, had many more channels - so didn’t really need the ‘extras’ from the organelle.

generally this is a bit on the ‘hacking’ side , as very few users are going to use it, its also takes a bit of ‘fiddling’ with buffer sizes etc.

my approach has to be to have 2 copies of orac setup,
one of which uses my eurorack audio interface, the other the internal soundcard.
i then just launch the one, that i need at the particular time.

Thanks you very much Mark. I didn’t see this how to before.
Regarding having a copy of orac, is it just a matter of saving orac like any other Organelle patches and then changing the name on the web server?

Thx again !

orac, yeah should be ( i usually just copy and rename directory)

note: the two copies of the ‘application’ will use the same presets/samples and user modules. which i view as a good thing :slight_smile:

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It is a great thing!