Syncing Organelle with Digitakt, help

Hi all,

I am fairly new to all of this so bear with me. I just got my Organelle this week and have been playing a bit with it, but I’ve only scratched the surface. It was a demo unit, so it was already loaded with Orac (so awesome) and some other nice patches. Pretty cool.

So my friend came over the other day and brought his Digitakt for me since he’s not using it now.

We played around a bit, and wanted to sync Organelle to Digitakts master clock, but could not quite figure this out. Anyway we had too much fun just playing around, so we didn’t bother experimenting too long to try and figure out this.

I’ve done some searching on the forum and googling, but haven’t quite found out how to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Patches will usually switch to using an external midi clock if present. (Orac does)


As I said I haven’t had too much time to check it out but I’ll give it a go again tomorrow.

Also, the orac is amazing!

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You could just set the clock bpm to be the same number on both units, works for me in those kinda situations - or you can plug a midi to usb cable from the digital to organelle. You’d need to get into the digitakt midi menu though, to make sure you only send clock.

Got myself a midi to USB in the weekend, haven’t had time to sit down with it yet, but hopefully it will work as smooth as sending clock from digitakt and organelle will listen. Thanks for the input.