Digitakt + Organelle MIDI Sequencing


Has anyone used a Digitakt to sequence their organelle? The keyboard on my organelle hasn’t worked for a couple years so I’ve had to use midi controllers to use it. Will the organelle identify my Digitakt with midi to USB?

Hey Yeah it works unbelievably well.
Also use usb midi Just make sure you set it up right.
Digitakt in the midi config/synct: Turn receive midi clock off and send midi clock on (this will make the Digitakt the brain of operations).
Also under port config: input from midi only and midi output to midi + USB. This makes sure there’s no annoying crosstalk between the two.

In organelle settings/ midi settings: Input in enabled, choose which channel you want for the basic patches (orac I can explain in detail if you use that, as you can use multiple midi channels on the Digitakt to control multiple patches). But for now let’s say midi channel 1.
Midi output disabled, and make sure you’ve selected Elektron Digitakt as your device (should show up).

Then on your Digitakt, once you’re on an organelle patch you’re digging, make sure you’ve enabled your midi channel to whatever you set it to on the organelle, in this case 1.
You can have midi A, midi B, midi C etc all set to midi channel and the Digitakt will play it all, so long as the organelle patch is polyphonic

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Tried it out a few days ago, it’s amazing! Thanks for helping out.

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