EYESY 4K Video on Organelle M or Mac?

I am looking for a way to add EYESY visuals to my 4K videos using chroma keying.
Is this possible? Is there a way to run EYESY OS on a mac or an Organelle M?

You can run Eyesy on Organelle M simply by etching (using Balena) the Eyesy firmware (find the download link in the online manual for Eyesy) on a micro SD, and boot the Organelle M with it. The buttons layout is a bit messy but you’ll have the same functions except for the composite out.

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What I’ve been doing is recording the Eyesy video, then keying it out in Premier. Being able to do this on the fly with other Devices/Software would be hard tho.

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Sounds awesome. Is there a more specific tutorial online?

Is there a way to set the background color to be static so keying would work?
How did you record the video and was it in 4k?

yea, I used a Elgato Cam Link to record in my computer at 4k. Then I set the key color with the far right knob, and didnt touch it while I recorded.

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Great idea! Does the Eyesy output 4K? Because on the specs it says 1080p over HDMI Video Out Jack.