EYESY disk image for openFrameworks / openGL / Lua (beta)

We’ve been working on implementing MIDI to the OS so hopefully we’ll have an update to share soon.


Thanks for the update, I can’t wait for testing that, OFLua it’s a huge upgrade for Eyesy, even if stock firmware with the pygame environement is pretty cool to make a nice stuff, OFLua seems like a new dimension, I guess like a difference it was between playstation 1 and playstation 2 :smiley: .

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Hey all - didn’t really see an answer on this. I’ve got an Eyesy on its way and once it gets here I’d like to get up and running with visuals that react to stereo input. However, in the manual it says that the stereo input is summed to mono - so will I only be able to work with stereo audio if I use the Lua image? Or is there a way to do it with Python?

The EYESY has stereo inputs at the hardware level, but the software uses them differently. The Python/PyGame environment that the EYESY ships with is only using one channel.

The OF/Lua is stereo, so there are two separate channels available when programming a mode. Most of the modes so far are still mono, but we’ve done some experiments with using the stereo.

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Ah ok! Got it. I guess I’ll probably jump right into figuring out OF/Lua then. Thanks!

Amazing, thanks :heart_eyes: I can’t wait for OF/MIDI.

Any updates? The eyesy feels kinda sad and abandoned with only 19 patches on patchstorage, will it get more love, or have you moved on to the next thing ? The last of/Lua patch was uploaded 8 months ago…


I’m definitely going to start working on some OF/Lua scripts when I have the time (in the process of moving rn so it could be a handful of weeks or longer before I can) so hopefully that’ll help kickstart things. I’d like to see the patch storage, and rly EYESY in general, get a lot more traffic.

Is this still in development?

Hello, I can’t load the disk image. The link is dead. Where can I download it please?

Thanks for the heads up. The link should be working now.

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Thanks for the link and the amazing beta. All implemented features work on my eyesy and It looks very good. I hope for a final version :slight_smile:

Is there a link to the three modes in the first beta please?

I installed this oF/Lua beta and it works fine when dealing directly with EYESY, buttons and knobs. In the editor, it communicates, I can see everything in the computer, but when I Start Video on any mode, it never works: A blue/green screen with a red square always appears, even when the mode is already the one displaying before I hit Start Video. This way I just can’t control anything or create anything…

@bolha The mode displayed via HDMI / Composite Output and the mode loaded on the browser-based Editor are not the same.

When you Start Video, it reboots the video engine and loads the first mode into the video output.

You will have to use the Mode select buttons to navigate to the mode you are editing on the browser.