What happened to EYESY progress

Is there any further development ? Is there somewhere people are uploading patches? Did everyone just forget it? Was it too expensive for a pi in a box with an open source OS? Its sad that such a beautiful device never got the popularity of the ETC, perhaps everyone moved to software?

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Maybe COVID has had some effect with people not doing gigs??

I recently picked up an Eyesy and was wondering what’s happening too. Can only speculate.

I am a new owner and have been wondering about this as well. I’m particularly interested in the OpenGL work being done. Hope that is still happening!

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I followed the instructions and the EYESY won’t boot off the SD card that I flashed with this beta image, “No signal” on HDMI output. I went back to the original SD card and EYESY boots fine.

Patches are shared here: EYESY Archives | Patchstorage

The last share was 4 months ago and there’s very little activity. I have downloaded all of them and most work for me. I have used the editor to change some of the programmings, but I’m not skilled enough in Python to make my own from scratch yet.

I have a desire to build a kelidescope mode, but don’t know where to start. So for now, I pipe the HDMI into an NDI converter, bring the signal into Modul8 and/or MadMapper and apply effects there. I really love the EYESY and would love to collaborate with other users so hit me up if you have the Python skills.

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Hi, we haven’t heard of this issue with that disk image. Did Balena Etcher provide any error notifications? RE: “No signal” on HDMI, did you boot up the EYESY while it was connected to your HDMI device? If not, it will default to the composite output (same as the Python mode OS).

No errors. I tried twice. Not sure what the issue is.