EYESY - How to record videos?


I would make a video of a session with EYESY for artistic purposes. From what I know at the moment, with EYESY you can only make screenshots of what’s on the screen on a specific time, but is it possible to record a video?

Does any of the users do this? If so, how do you do it? Do you point a camera in front of the screen and simply record?

Thanks a lot for your help!

To record video directly from the EYESY, you will need a ‘capture card’. The section 6.2 of the manual is about using capture cards.

Thanks a lot!

Could you suggest me a good capture card working good with EYESY?

This is in the manual:
Devices such as Elgato capture cards can only use Elgato software to record a video file. Alternatively, devices such as Blackmagic capture cards can be used with third-party software. This means that your EYESY video can be recorded by Adobe Premiere, Quicktime, etc., streamed with a program like OBS, or combined with other visuals in VJ software.

Other users on the forum have used different capture cards. A quick search here should yield results.

Thanks a lot!