Eyesy Latest OS

Hello I’m new to Eyesy and have been reading the manual.

My Eyesy arrived with OS 2.1. The manual says 2.3, but I can’t find a link anywhere to the latest OS to update.

Any. advice would be great!




I’m actually jealous. I have an organelle but the eyesy looks great!

The 2.3 OS download zip is here


But you get to it from the manual


Thank you!

I tried through the manual, offline it showed the link but no download.

Thanks for the link it worked. Now updated :smiley::+1:t2:

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Welcome! I actually hadn’t twigged that I could update. The Eyesy OS! :smiley:

What kinds of projects do you have in mind for it? I’m dead keen to get inspiration and tips as I love the thing but have too much parenting to do to sink time into it properly!!! I made a cool guy who dances around on the screen though! :smiley:

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