Eyesy OS version

I see the Eyesy guide refers to OS version 2.0, but I am unsure if I ever got that update. How would I check to see the current version? I checked the startup screen and the settings via WIFI, but don’t see anything there.

The EYESY began shipping with OS 2.0, so you should be good. There is now a 2.1 version that has some small fixes like MIDI program change messages. You can follow instructions in section 6.1 to update. The 2.1 version does indicate version number on the on screen display.


Thanks. I think I will let it ride unless there’s any major bug fixes.

Things are running fine right now. I’m not doing anything with MIDI CC anyway. Don’t currently have a spare card to do the update, and the recommended SanDisk “Edge” cards don’t seem to be available (though I am sure others would work fine).

I just looked at the startup again. I see no version listed. See video below recorded with OBS).
I even slowed it down to look at the part where the sketches load, but no version is shown.

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To clarify: OS 2.0 does not list version. OS 2.1 lists it on the On Screen Display.

whoa! I thought I went through all the options in my eyesy. Is the Zoom Rings stock or did you find that elsewhere?

It’s from patchstorage:

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See the Eyesy patch storage site. There’s a few other things there. I was also able to repurpose a few additional ETC sketches from there as well. Just change your search filter.

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@oweno - do you know if 2.1 addressed any of the WIFI issues we reported when trying to connect the unit to our own networks rather than use AP mode?

Yes OS 2.1 also fixes a WiFi issue. Some people were having trouble if their network name or password had spaces or special characters in it, so this was fixed in 2.1.