EYESY_OS Package Versions

Hey guys,

New to your forum and product. I’m a software engineer who has been checking out your EYESY_OS and ETC_Modes_Extra repos on github.

Could you provide versioning for the packages in use in these repos? I’d love to start playing around with your code base, but I’m seeing that pygame in particular seems to be using an older version 1.9.3 vs the current 1.9.6.

I’d love to be able to get my environment up to date with the versions y’all are using.


the EYESY_OS really just covers the C&G specific software (& scripts) used by the EYESY,
its meant to be used with the EYESY image on the sdcard (and is downloadable)

what you can do, is download that image, and determine versions that are used by the eyesy,
this is what I did with OTC (the ETC for Organelle)

generally with ETC, I found that the modes were not particularly sensitive to versions of pygame,
e.g. I just used the latest version of pygame when I ran on another linux box, and it was fine.
(be aware pygame itself has a ton of dependancies)

anyway, I guess having package version dependancies is not ‘that useful’ if you are using for the EYESY, its more useful if you are using on other platforms - so perhaps something that the community could do, and send as pull request to C&G?

I so think it would be cool, if the EYESY (and Organelle) OS image was built using a scripted build,
someone has done this already for the Organelle which is very cool.

but hey… lots of opportunities for C&G with the EYESY, so hard to find time to do everything :slight_smile:

Do you mean the image of the full Linux installation? Where can it be downloaded?

You can download the Linux disk image for EYESY here: