Eyesy persist image fade out rather than hard erase?

is it possible to have the persist image fade out rather than a hard erase? Is this possible within the programming language or not possible?

toggle note on= persist image
toggle note off=image fade out over time

would be good if i could set the fade out time.

The Persist control simply turns on/off the auto-clearing of the frame before a new frame is drawn. Unfortunately there isn’t option to clear it to some % of opacity.

There might be a way to get a fade out if you were to take a screenshot before clearing it and then loading that screenshot underneath the foreground imagery (oscilloscopes, etc.) and then fading that image but that would require rewriting all of the modes and the OS to include that functionality…

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Couldn’t you draw a translucent background-color rectangle over the entire screen as the first step? Definitely possible in oF modes, not sure about pygame. Opacity of the rectangle would then control fade-out time.

Yes the full screen rectangle with variable opacity is an option. This is how the Python/PyGame modes with ‘trails’ work.

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