Beginner`s question, FFTease

Hi Organelle Gurus!

I`m pretty new to Organelle, not yet into forums and manuals, but thinking of getting one. Let me ask you a few question before pressing the button. My basic idea is to use Organelle as an FX processor, running some spectral processing. I have some experience with PD and Max but never used linux or compiled C code.

  • Is the PD FFTease lib available for Orgonelle?
  • If not, is it possible to make it work somehow?
  • Can Organelle handle objects like thresher~ ? Does it have enough CPU power?

Thank you in advance!

The most current FFTease library is here:

I was able to compile it and run some of the examples on an Organelle M. Some of them are pretty CPU intensive, I can’t remember trying thresher~ specifically.

I’ll try to post a compiled version of the library to save others the hassle.

Hi @oweno !

Thank you very much for your kind reply! This looks very promising!
I would be very happy if i could get these binaries. I would even pay or donate you for an out-of-box solution if that helps!
I will buy an unit as soon as you shared the binaries.

Q: it it possible to lower the samplerate to make some room for cpu heavy objects?

Thank you in advance!