FFT Instrument #2 Spectral Mindwarp

This one is a little bit of a frankenstein. This one also has a fun Algorithmic Array chopper. The idea is to see just how much FFT/Spectrality i can get before the patch overloads the processor. It’s kind of exciting really in a complete nerd way mind you to see what the device will be able to faithfully produce before annoying non-musical clicks become apparent and/or the Organelle just crashes.

It did get me thinking about some things i would love to see in a revision or a “MoreGanelle” if you can pardon my bad pun. I would love 4 more knobs offset from the original 4 [or like i think we all have kind of hoped for a more useful built-in perhaps menu system but i think 4 more without changing the form factor could be do-able and i am partial to MIDI being handled by DIN but maybe i am old-fashioned.

So there will be three outputs so far 1.) Original Audio Input Volume, 2.) PVOC/Mindwarp, and a 3.) spectral array chopper. The Chopper will have A Deviations page and a Refinements page and the PVOC will switch between Regular phase vocoding and mindwarped pvoc there is a values tweaker for the amount and it sounds pretty cool to my ears.

I want to add a spectral flanger but it might be too much shenanigans for the processor, we’ll see

OH P.S i am going to be adding fun messages to the menu a la PVNation. heh.


Cant wait to try it
Thank you for pointing out the LyonPotpourri files, I downloaded and I’m looking into them a bit now. So cool having 10+ years of people creating great externals and effects that we can now plug into the Organelle.

EDIT: I see that the externals are for Linux and Mac…so if I’m on a PC, I will not be able to hear these, right? They would work on organelle directly since Linux I guess. Would I need to open these in up in Visual Studio or something and compile to DLL?

I urge you to think about a dual boot if you want to learn some linux --which will never hurt you but you should be able to find .dll’s pre-compiled for most of these if you look around.

search FFTease & Lyon Potpourri 3.0 is what you want.
Almost done!

Thanks man, I will look for that

Well, this one completely crapped the bed. The PVOC version in here will not run.
I got it working nice on my mac but i cannot get it to work with Organelle. back to the drawing board, i guess shit.

Was able to find a LyonPotpourri 2.0 but it has all the windows DLLs. Just tried bashfest, distortion, flanger and a few others , so far everything works! This is not making it easy to spend less time patching in PD …

that’s cool. i have had to drop down to flanjah and a few others because the PVOC code is too heavy.

try Exflam!

Also since you are on windows
take a look at these

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Oh man even further down the rabbit hole - thanks for the link these are great.

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dig those chaotic oscillators. I am tweaking a chaotic oscillator being driven by an Ikeda fractal
sounds crazy

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Oh man the flam is great! Dumb question: the windows versions of the DLL work fine on my PC, but when I copy a pd_Linux file equivalent to the organelles patch folder, I get no output at all (tried with Distortion). Is there a trick to getting Lyon plug-ins to work, like other dependent files? (I do have pd extended externals on organelle)

Yes I compiled them from source I am runnng out now but I’ll post you a set of .pd_linux files for potpourris when I return

You are the man! I did not know they needed to be recompiled, is that due to the linux version? Just curious because the windows DLLs just dropped in and worked with no other effort. Would that be the same for the ELSE files? Thanks again

64 bitness. the Organelle is 32bit from what i see and everything else now is 64

give it a few minutes to upload

and let me know when you got it, ok?
you will need to move all the helps and abstractions into the folder of course
have fun

Thanks! I think it is possible I already had the 32 bit version, but I did not have the liblyonpotpourri.so file in the folder, just the pd_linux file. I think that may have been the main culprit (?). I’m going to install this and test later, will report back.

when you build from source i am pretty sure it produces the .shared object files :slight_smile:

it may be on the safe side to just use all mine, you might throw an error if the .so is looking for something not included with the version you have you’ll see pretty fast
All Eric’s externals report to the pd window of course

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Forgive me for my ignorance, I am totally dumb when it comes to coding. This is not a patch for the Organelle, right? It’s something to work with on PC or MAC or…Sorry again for the obviously dumb question. Thanks!

This was a design idea for dealing with the Eric Lyon potpourri externals. They are what makes Bashfest/Raime work
They are the externals that drive the code/math etc…Spectral Mindwarp is a patch but just too processor heavy for Organelle
i should have a section of the patches that i made that are too heavy for Organelle hahaha yikes

Thanks for throwing some light on my personal darkness! :slight_smile: