FFT Instrument #2 Spectral Mindwarp

Agreed, I used all your files to replace what I had , and i’m now getting sound with the distortion external, nice! Only thing I notice is I’m only getting usable tones in the very low range of knee/cut, but that might be due to how I need to scale the values differently. Thanks again for the files, and like you said I guess I’d have been safe to just take what is included in Raime, as it’s the same set!


if you peek in RAIME there’s a file in there called d-scale
it’s usage is helpful it’s a scalar abstraction that goes
inputLow, InPutHigh, outLow, OutHigh, multiplier

so for any Knob

d-scale 0 1 0 512 100, and you get a stream from a knob scaled from 0 to 512 with 100th [float] accuracy HTH!

Nice one - funny I built a very similar little abstraction that was almost exactly this. Looking at pd help file I was just scaling the values wrong, oopz. New patch tonight!

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