Filtering Incoming Audio

Hi to everyone,
I’m having some problem using organelle in live performance. I’d like to remove all the sound under a certain floor. I found this patch ( ) that does exactly what I want. I imagine that it’s too expensive in terms of CPU for the organelle since I’m also doing some vocal tracking.
I have to issues : Do I have to add externals inside my patch folder and where I can find the necessary compiled .linux externals ?
In case it won’t work I would like to know if anybody has a suggestion about the easiest way to do a noise suppressor using less CPU as possible.

Thanks in advance

My line outs on the organelle are very clean, are you sure you’ve not got a defective unit - perhaps @oweno can investigate?

Now I will check my output too, in other patches but my aim is to remove for example the backing drumkits while I’m singing next to the drummer. because since I’m using an harmonizer that multiplicated my voice it ends that also the noise drum is multiplicated. The patch i posted do it very well for example.

@cassanelligiovanni Filtering incoming audio to have ‘exactly’ what you want is hard live! Have you tried the patch you linked to on the Organelle? it might work!
(is this where you got it? Noise filter for microphone (Live Audio) | PURE DATA forum~)

You can also look at examples of filtering with high-pass or bandpass filters as shown here:

You can also track the volume of incoming audio with the env~ object…

Some information about externals on the Organelle here: