Fluid Synth Installer Problem


I try to install FluidSynth, but after pressing, Organelle saying “installing…” and nothing moves (I waited more than 1 minute), organelle doesn’t shutdown…
I downloaded the patch on patchstorage, unzip it with 7zip, copy and past the folder to my usb key into the the “patches” folder
I tryseveral times, dl/unzip/paste/installing and nothing change…
My OS version is 2.1, downloaded on critter and guitari website
What can I do?
please help me

try this link and DO NOT use 7zip to unzip it

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Thank you for tips and upload!

if I can’t use 7zip, what can i use for unzip?

what Os are you using?

I installedl 2.1 from critter and guitari

:slight_smile: no i meant computer wise for unzipping

on windows 7 pro

WINZIP should work fine then

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currently you are copying to /usr/bin

this is not really correct and causes warnings with ldconfig, you should be creating symbolic links

cp libfluidsynth.so.1.5.2 /usr/lib
ln -s /usr/libl/ibfluidsynth.1.5.2.so /usr/lib/libfluidsynth.so.1
ln -s /usr/libl/ibfluidsynth.1.5.2.so /usr/lib/libfluidsynth.so

you can then remove libfluidsynth.so libfluidsynth.so.1 from the download as they are not required.

I think we’ve already been down this road we chose /usr/bin because it’s a closed system and the features made available [and especially since most users are not linux savvy and probably are not going to care outweighed the extra .so file. The Fluidsynth available on Pacman broke everything an gives libreadline errors btw.

Perhaps you might want to pick up that mantle.

Do you think it’s a big issue to have those two files in there? I will save the original installer until other users have a working fluidsynth. I polled several people beforehand and 100 filters/vocoders and effects compared to one ldconfig warning was not a big deal .but i would be a little wary of changing it this week considering.

I think we just change libfluidsynth.so and libfluidsynth.so.1 to symlinks is all @thetechnobear is saying. Everything will still work the same, just plays nice with the rest of the system. I noticed the ldconfig warnings when running pacman, and it is definitely better to avoid those kinds of issues.

no problem, do yo have a clean organelle to test it with? I can test on my second one.

exactly… already done on my system, and of course no issues … they are links, and your files are identical :wink:

cool! As long as it all works I’m down. It would be great if we had a clean organelle to make sure but I’m happy with what we got. I just updated the 4 synths to mute the output for a second while the soundfont loads and i’ll pull the MODs out of page two if everyone is cool with it over the next few days and maybe replace with a nice ADSR,but i wanted to make the modular tough so people could add effects as they like. Which of the Mutable effects do you think is most full featured at this point? I’d be glad to include some on these

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well they are all completely different, so rather depends what your trying to achieve… and how much cpu you have spare :slight_smile:

fluid synth is a sampler - no? so id guess you have plenty spare, they dont usually consume much.

I have clds (clouds) permanently running on an Axoloti, and that does seem to be a favourite.
wrps (warps) is good, but its more about mangling different source sources.

In a couple of weeks I’m going to release the full ‘rngs’ (rings) module, I think a lot of users will like that one, as its really popular in the Eurorack world… similar to clds, but a slightly different feel to it.

as for fully featured, I only release them when the work as they should and have ‘core functionality’ - but I will be adding things like easter egg modes to each them, again in a few weeks time.

Id probably go for clouds/rngs_reverb…

(clouds to be more than just a reverb though, needs a bit of consideration on control… for things like grain/freeze etc)

RIngs is the only Mutable module i re-purchased for my 6U
I love Physical Modeling and went for the Plonks when they came out and added a Rings because it could modify incoming of course.
the reverb portion of Clouds is an option for sure then.
I was trying to steer away from granular/mangling with these emulations and i am going to tidy the tap_reverberator a bit, maybe load the clouds verb as a default verb and then if people want to explore they can go deeper into the other ones.

I’ll pull down the latest one and see what shakes. I have to say i have been digging these Jon Griesinger reverbs alot but i have some headroom for sure.

The Fluids are kind of samplers/kind of midi kind of weird i just like that they give nice quality and can be midi tweaked [hence the Karlheinz Essl stuff]

Have you looked at Peter B’s IFM stuff at all? I would love to get a Fourses properly translated and have a bunch of code if you feel like taking a crack at a fourses.pd_linux at anytime