Uninstall ladspa and fluidsynth

How ? Sound output suddenly became noisy…


these libraries have nothing to do with sound output in anything except for the patches they run. they do not change anything regarding pure data or the sound on the device they are two libraries that give you some extra options [Running Sounfont based synths & DSP Code]

But Some soundfonts are large and may have filled up your USB card So you can easily delete the patches that should remove the larger files. Another used got “crackling” sound because their usb stick was full

thanks! in case i want to uninstall them anyway how would i do that?

Do you have a monitor and a keyboard/mouse
for your organelle?

no, but i guess it would be easy to set up?

I use a keyboard and mouse and a little usb hub.

and then which is the process?

If you are comfortable with Linux you can just run the terminal, put in the mount command that is in the install.sh files, navigate to the directories that they are in and remove them, you can safely delete anything that is installed that way


so i need to setup linux os? and then I’ll ask instructions again. Too technical for me. Thanks for your help

Organelle runs arch Linux
Copy all your folders on your USB for the organelle onto your computer. Reformat your USB stick FAT32
Then just put the Patches you want back and mind how much space you are using

sorry bit confused…its the ladspa installed in the usb or the internal micro sd card?

Take the usb card out of the organelle and insert it into a computer and look to see what the properties are on your USB stick
How much space is left free [unused] on the USB device?

Hey @shreeswifty i need to know where the files are located, being able to input and output things…so are they located in the micro sd or in the usb? Ta

so I reformatted the usb drive and put in the patches I need. So the installation ladspa etc files are located into the micro sd and the only way to access them is by having linux os correct?

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Thanks! I got distracted by eli5 msg!