Fluidsynth~ EMU proteus plus LADSPA Reverb & 512 Presets

This requires the LADSPA framework for organelle

This will give your patch access to about 43 different Reverbs!
AfterBurn (Long)
Ambience (Thick)
Ambience (Thick) -
Cathedral -
Drum Chamber
Garage (Bright)
Gymnasium (Bright)
Gymnasium (Bright) -
Hall (Small)
Hall (Medium)
Hall (Large)
Hall (Large)
Plate (Small)
Plate (Medium)
Plate (Large)
Plate (Large) -
Pulse Chamber
Pulse Chamber (Reverse)
Resonator (96 ms)
Resonator (152 ms)
Resonator (208 ms)
Room (Small)
Room (Medium)
Room (Large)
Room (Large) -
Slap Chamber
Slap Chamber -
Slap Chamber (Bright)
Slap Chamber (Bright) -
Smooth Hall (Small)
Smooth Hall (Medium)
Smooth Hall (Large)
Smooth Hall (Large)
Vocal Plate 3.1
Vocal Plate -
Warble Chamber


This one has alternative Banks [4 of them] for a total of 512 available presets

In addition it has a Brownian sequencer from Dr. Karlheinz Essl’s RTC lib

AUX selects the banks and you can select from the 128 presets per bank from the menu
Aux 2 Selects the Reverb there are 44 from the previous
Aux Starts/Stops the brownian sequencer and you can choose how wide you want the range to be how much randomness and a tempo

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Already said much the same on patreon, but this is absolutely awesome man. You were dead right about the potential of fluidsynth and im grateful you’ve pursued it and plan to keep doing so! Can’t wait for what’s to come.
So, do i hit aux to switch banks on both these patches then? Then within each bank there’s the presets as selectable with knob 1 right? I didn’t find that the ‘modulation’ parameter affected sound in Proteus, what does it do? Maybe it depends on which preset your using?

Yes, the modulation only works on some of them. I Tried to reduce it down to only the essential “generators” that do something to the sound.

Aux on Page 1 should step through the 4 different banks and Preset changes the 128 presets
Aux on Page 2 selects from the 43 Reverb Algorithims from the LADPSA tap_reverberator

You are correct about the rest of the operations and yes, thank you. After a month of getting familiar with the Fluidsynths i am finally at the fun part – playing with the amazing Soundfonts that were created almost 20 years ago! I will do a HOW to video for one of these so everyone gets the hang of it.

I also left room for effects and filters to be added :wink:

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this sounds marvelous! i really like the bownian sequencer you keep adding.

Oh those are not always functioning i forgot which one you were using :slight_smile:
I am about to unleash the onslaught

Those are not traditional filters think of them as a set of fancy LFOs/Vibratos that only work on soundfonts that use those generators

Was hoping to check these out, but getting a 404 on the dropbox link for the proteus.zip and the fluid512.zip files. Any chance at an updated link?

they have all been updated check the newer threads