Fluidsynth~ Proteus 2.1

This is the 2.1 Update of the Proteus Fluidsynth for Organelle
Menus have been cleaned up [4 now instead of 8]
Filter Replaced [replaced SVF~ with a more stable BiQuad Filter
Mod/LFO has been replaced with a SIMPLE ADSR page

Main “Synth” Page Changes:
1.) Synth Presets and Bank Selection are more user friendly
It is now possible to select each bank instead of cycling through them
2.) Soundfonts are no longer hard-coded so you can re-name the patches to stuff like
“shree rocks the fuck out” stuff like that.
3.) Line 5 will show the current loaded soundfont
4.) 3 More Proteus SoundFont banks included for a total of 1152 possible presets
Aux button Selects Soundfont
Footswitch selects soundfonts as well for changing fonts on different pages

Reverb Page Changes
1.) You can now Dial in Reverb Algorithims

2.) Aux button Turns Reverb on/off


links dead man!
Sounds cool tho :slight_smile:

Link updated, i think my dropbox freaked out. should be working now, i just re-linked it


So many new patches! Awesome!

You should include dependencies like LADSPA in this post.