For sale?

Hello all! Made an account just to ask this. Is there anyone out there who has a spare ETC they would be willing to sell? I’ve been scouring the web for the past 2 months with no luck, and I was no fan of any of the LZX video synth products I got my hands on.

Maybe this isn’t the place to ask this, but I figured I would shoot my shot!


If you don’t manage to find one, one solution could be to pick up a used Organelle-1 and install otc on that :slight_smile:

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Very handy! Thanks for the tip, I’ll probably consider that as I was already th inking of snagging an Organelle

Yes, this is great advice!

OTC on organelle works great! And you would get all the extra features!

I purchased an organelle for the OTC. I use it both for OTC on for sounds now :slight_smile:

You can run the ETC software on an old archlinux laptop together with a Korg Nanocontrol.
Laptop 50Euros on ebay, Microcontrol 59 Euros at Th*mann.

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Yeah, I’m interested! Send pics/price please (: